Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #10-1

#10: Sunset Beach “Beaches in Vancouver aren’t eye-pleasant, this one is no exception.” (Note: we’re using one-star reviews on Google for all of the top 10 parks in this section) #2 in West End 1204 Beach Avenue For Kids C For Adults A+ Design A Atmosphere A Final Score 32.10 Nobody: This Website: Let’s talkContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #10-1”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #20-11

#20: Hinge Park “Innovative park with nature, fields, playground water feature and dog park all in one small area.” #2 in Mount Pleasant 215 West 1st Avenue For Kids B+ For Adults B- Design A- Atmosphere B+ Final Score 30.50 For a park barely a decade old, Hinge sure feels timeless.  Part of that comesContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #20-11”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #30-21

#30: Creekside Park “Too many children.” #2 in Downtown 1455 Quebec Street For Kids A– For Adults C Design A– Atmosphere A– Final Score 29.58 At the risk of making this a further exercise in the Extended McElroy Universe, the reason Science World is considered the most iconic building in Vancouver has a fair bitContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #30-21”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #40-31

#40: Sunset Park “The dog park here is excellent!!” #3 in Sunset 404 East 51st Avenue For Kids B+ For Adults B Design B Atmosphere B- Final Score 28.87 Sunset is a mid-sized but well-balanced space that understands parks are used for more than just sports or playgrounds in 2020. Major renovations that completed justContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #40-31”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #50-41

#50: Sunnyside Park “Came at night, was very dark.” #4 in Kensington-Cedar Cottage 1100 East 17th Avenue For Kids A- For Adults B- Design B Atmosphere C+ Final Score 28.40 Fundamentally, Sunnyside is a pretty simple park: some swings and an early 90s playground, on top of a raised grassy area with plenty of trees. Continue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #50-41”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #60-51

#60: Arbutus Greenway Park “Fairly near lots of shops but a bit secluded from traffic.” #5 in Kitsilano 2205 West 11th Avenue For Kids B- For Adults C+ Design B Atmosphere B- Final Score 27.46 From the outside it sort of seems like private property: four narrow green pathways, with a number of mixed-use townhomesContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #60-51”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #70-61

#70: Clinton Park “just your average Vancouver Park.” #5 in Hastings-Sunrise 2690 Grant Street For Kids B For Adults C+ Design B Atmosphere C Final Score 26.82 There are 35 parks in the City of Vancouver with a washroom and a big field you can play soccer or baseball on.  If you close your eyesContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #70-61”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #80-71

#80: Bobolink Park “No idea why this nice neighborhood park is named after a bird that has likely never ventured this far west.” #3 in Killarney 2510 Hoylake Avenue For Kids B For Adults C+ Design B- Atmosphere C Final Score 26.19 A fascinating chapter in the history of Vancouver names (or eye-rolling, depending onContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #80-71”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #90-81

#90: Tisdall Park “Best free outdoor gym I know in Vancouver.” #1 in Oakridge 6210 Tisdall Street For Kids C+ For Adults B Design B- Atmosphere C Final Score 25.13 A few years ago, we opined that the real dividing line in Vancouver isn’t between the west and east side, but north and south.  TheContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #90-81”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #100-91

#100: Fraserview Park #4 in Victoria-Fraserview 7595 Victoria Drive For Kids B For Adults C Design C- Atmosphere C+ Final Score 24.53 Fraserview is the type of mid-sized park with a playground, field and a walking track surrounding a perimeter that is rarely paid attention to. Situated a half-block off a semi-busy street in southeastContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #100-91”