#172: Ravine Park

“This ravine was once a garbage dump.”

#5 in Arbutus Ridge

2159 West 36th Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


A simple yet somewhat secret park in the middle of the city, Ravine Park sneaks along three blocks between Yew and Arbutus from 36th to 33rd Avenue, and delivers a walk through a simple ravine. Tall cedars and large ferns are everywhere, blocking noise, and the walking path is paved well enough that people of all abilities can enjoy the sights of nature. 

Perhaps just as importantly, a young Seth Rogen would visit Ravine Park when he was done school for the day, workshopping concepts for characters and movies with his friends, and eventually taking one small step into becoming the international movie star he is today.

Sadly, we ended up lying to Seth, and didn’t bump up the ranking. But if there isn’t a plaque in Ravine Park at some point for this bit of history, then we’re missing out.

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