#238: Park Site on Trafalgar

“The simplicity of the park can be enjoyed from a distance.”

#7 in Arbutus

4600 Trafalgar Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


It is a weird phenomenon that the Park Board owns four pieces of land in a single neighbourhood which are undeveloped, have been undeveloped for years and years, and where there are no plans to develop them into anything the general public might enjoy more.

The best of these four is at Trafalgar and 31st, a small triangle surrounded by multi-million dollar single-family homes on all sides. It is the best of the four because there are two benches, and the area in the middle is suitable enough for a family picnic. It has existed there since at least 1973, and is no doubt enjoyed by people living immediately next to it, but serves no further purpose. 

One could explore why the Arbutus Ridge neighbourhood has so many of these pieces of land, but that task probably lies to a municipal affairs reporter, and not whomever is writing this.        

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