#239: Park Site on Blenheim

“I wouldn’t categorize this as a park, but I guess it’s neat to have that designation.”

#8 in Arbutus

3500 Quadra Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Another weird connector stairwell park at 19th and Blenheim, this is a single-residential lot was no doubt donated or purchased by the Park Board at some point, but has sat vacant and unmaintained for decades. There’s a nice big tree in the centre, but the surrounding area is entirely overgrown. Any sense of mysterious wonder that the park could attain, as perhaps a mysterious forested area in the middle of the city, is mitigated by being surrounded by two very large homes. 

In 1998, 90% of Dunbar residents said the Blenheim Park Site “should be improved to make [it] more attractive and useable.” It hasn’t.

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