#243: Park Site on Quesnel Drive

“This diminutive pocket of land offers a small lawn dotted with trees.”

#10 in Arbutus

4301 Quesnel Drive

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Very few parks in Vancouver are terrible.

Most parks aren’t *amazing*, mind you — probably 80% serve the basic purpose of green space in a large city without being too much to write home about — but there are few places that are actually frustrating, where it’s obvious that something, ANYTHING, could be better than what’s currently there.

And the worst of those is the Park Site on Quesnel Drive. The Park Board uses the term “Park Site” for pieces of small pieces of land they oversee, but aren’t fully-formed parks, and this is the worst — an overgrown, weedy, traffic median with a couple trees and flowers comprising the smallest attempt possible to make it hospitable to humans.

To write more about this park would give it more time and attention than any member of the public ever has since it was created. And so we won’t.

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