Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #110-101

#110: China Creek North Park “Nice place to workout or chill out and tan!” #8 in Mount Pleasant 1001 East 7th Avenue For Kids B- For Adults B- Design C- Atmosphere C- Final Score 23.69 Built after decades of squabbling between the park board, city and residents in the first half of the 20th century,Continue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #110-101”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #120-111

#120: McBride Park “It’s an okay park but the exposed location gives it a kind of desolate feel.” #9 in Kitsilano 3350 West 4th Avenue For Kids B For Adults B- Design C Atmosphere C- Final Score 22.67 The province gave these two city blocks of land along 4th Avenue to the city for parkContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #120-111”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #130-121

#130: Laurel Landbridge #5 in Fairview 2200 Laurel Street For Kids D For Adults C- Design B+ Atmosphere B+ Final Score 22.00 Secret park!  Okay, not really a park so much as a short unique walking trail, Laurel Landbridge is still plenty interesting.  Connecting South False Creek with the Fairview neighbourhood to the south byContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #130-121”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #140-131

#140: Victory Square “kind of an iconic spot in Vancouver.” #12 in Downtown 200 West Hastings Street For Kids D- For Adults C- Design B+ Atmosphere B+ Final Score 21.30 Let’s start by acknowledging that as a park, or even a public space, Victory Square is somewhat limited.  It’s essentially another one of Vancouver’s extendedContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #140-131”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #150-141

#150: Dusty Greenwell Park “Not the funnest park to play in, but the view is great.” #11 in Hastings-Sunrise 2799 Wall Street For Kids D+ For Adults C Design C Atmosphere C Final Score 20.50 Along the long stretch of tiny parks on Wall Street there is Dusty Greenwell, a long skinny walking trail withContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #150-141”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #160-151

#160: Hillcrest Park “The fields are always swampy.” #6 in Riley Park 4501 Clancy Loranger Way For Kids C- For Adults C Design C- Atmosphere C Final Score 19.93 The Hillcrest Community Centre is probably the best in the city — the legacy of being a host venue for the 2010 Olympics means it hasContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #160-151”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #170-161

#170: Meditation Park “Nice spot but too loud for the average meditator.” #12 in Hastings-Sunrise 2366 Wall Street For Kids D- For Adults D+ Design B- Atmosphere B- Final Score 18.9 Another Perfectly Acceptable Waterfront Pocket Park, this one at Nanaimo and Wall Street has a number of subtle features that make it particularly charming,Continue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #170-161”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #180-171

#180: Rosemary Brown Park #15 in Kitsilano 2299 Redbud Lane For Kids C- For Adults D+ Design C+ Atmosphere D+ Final Score 17.58 Named for the pioneering politician who was the first Black Canadian woman to be elected to provincial office, Rosemary Brown Park is a newer park built in conjunction with the mixed-use developmentContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #180-171”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #190-181

#190: Cardero Park #17 in Downtown 1601 Bayshore Drive For Kids D For Adults D Design C- Atmosphere C Final Score 15.37 A small area across from the Westin Bayshore Hotel, Cardero Park is a small strip of green space surrounded by walking and bike paths on both sides. Huzzah.  But! While the green spaceContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #190-181”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #200-191

#200: Seaforth Peace Park “very noisy. Not the best location for a park.” #16 in Kitsilano 1620 Chesnut Street For Kids D- For Adults C Design C- Atmosphere D+ Final Score 14.17 A fairly small strip of land right in front of the Seaforth Armoury where it gets half its name, the “peace” part canContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #200-191”