#48: Tatlow Park

“Hidden gem!”

#3 in Kitsilano

2845 West 3rd Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Even if Tatlow wasn’t one of the oldest neighbourhood parks in the city (built in 1907), even if it wasn’t literally the park in Robert Altman’s 1969 film That Cold Day in the Park, it would be worth talking about.

For one, there’s the split level design — the northern half, closer to the ocean, has casual winding paths and a quiet pond, something of a regal nature next to the Killarney Manor. 

Go deeper, and you’ll find a heavily wooded playground area: its age is showing, but there’s still separate areas for younger and older kids, along with ample slides. Tennis courts are subtly tucked in between a few houses, and a field house is also on site, giving enough amenities for the neighbourhood. 

The overall feel is a park that provides a small journey in itself; a relaxing but unsung green space in the city worth checking out. And the expected restoration of the stream through the park (along with adjacent Volunteer Park) should make the experience even better in the future.

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