Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #180-171

#180: Westmount Park “Topography uneven.” #6 in West Point Grey 4651 West 2nd Avenue For Kids D+ For Adults D+ Design C Atmosphere C Final Score 18.30 Built in 1927 as part of a subdivision of houses that are now among the most valued properties in the entire province, Westmount is another one of theContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #180-171”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #190-181

#190: Lower River District Park “Very tiny, built not for the neighborhood but for the condo residents.” #10 in Killarney 3180 Riverwalk Avenue For Kids D- For Adults C Design C Atmosphere D Final Score 16.00 The new “River District” is Vancouver’s biggest neighbourhood development since the Olympic Village a decade ago, but because it’sContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #190-181”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #200-191

#200: Cambridge Park “Can’t really say only walked by lots sorry.” #15 in Grandview-Woodland 2099 Wall Street For Kids D+ For Adults C- Design D+ Atmosphere D+ Final Score 15.00 The westernmost of the Wall Street parks, Cambridge offers a long strip of grass with some trees in the middle. There’s also a small communityContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #200-191”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #210-201

#210: Minipark @ Cardero & Comox #8 in West End For Kids D- For Adults D Design C- Atmosphere C- Final Score 13.63 The best of the West End miniparks is objectively (if such a word can be used for this exercise) at Cardero and Comox, and this statement can be made for a numberContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #210-201”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #220-211

#220: Roundhouse Turntable Plaza “Mean,Sarcastic,judgemental Guy in frontdesk that plays volleyball.” #21 in Downtown 181 Roundhouse Mews For Kids F For Adults D- Design C- Atmosphere C- Final Score 12.03 Community centres are operated by the Park Board, which means generally the land surrounding community centres is a park, but what happens when the communityContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #220-211”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #230-221

#230: Minipark @ Bute & Haro #12 in West End For Kids F For Adults D- Design C- Atmosphere C- Final Score 9.80 Shall we head back to the miniparks? This one goes by The Beaconsfield, a 1909 structure that was “one of the first large apartment blocks to be built in the West End”,Continue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #230-221”