#243: Park Site on Quesnel Drive

The Park Board uses the term “Park Site” for pieces of small pieces of land they oversee, but aren’t fully-formed parks, and this is the worst — an overgrown, weedy, traffic median with a couple trees and flowers comprising the smallest attempt possible to make it hospitable to humans.

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #10-1

#10: Sunset Beach “Beaches in Vancouver aren’t eye-pleasant, this one is no exception.” (Note: we’re using one-star reviews on Google for all of the top 10 parks in this section) #2 in West End 1204 Beach Avenue For Kids C For Adults A+ Design A Atmosphere A Final Score 32.10 Nobody: This Website: Let’s talkContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #10-1”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #20-11

#20: English Bay Beach “It’s packed don’t come here.” #3 in West End 1700 Beach Avenue For Kids C For Adults A Design B Atmosphere A+ Final Score 31.00 Sure, you could describe English Bay Beach, but what would be the point?  It’s sort of like describing the Eiffel Tower to people living in ParisContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #20-11”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #30-21

#30: Oak Park “Pretty much the Cadillac of city parks.” #1 in Marpole 900 West 59th Avenue For Kids A For Adults B+ Design B- Atmosphere C+ Final Score 29.70 Some parks get a good score because of how they feel, and some parks accumulate a good score because of the amount of things theyContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #30-21”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #40-31

#40: Harbour Green Park “There is never a dull moment in this park.” #3 in Downtown 1199 West Cordova Street For Kids C- For Adults B Design A Atmosphere A Final Score 29.00 “There are 39 great parks in Vancouver” is a bold and silly claim to make, but this is a bold and sillyContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #40-31”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #50-41

#50: Granville Island Water Park “It might just be the best water park in Vancouver but it’s not always packed which is great.” #2 in Fairview 1348 Cartwright Street For Kids A+ For Adults D+ Design B Atmosphere B+ Final Score 28.50 For a while it was branded as “the biggest free water park inContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #50-41”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #60-51

#60: 6th and Fir Park “Awesome little playground packed full of equipment that will appeal to kids, big or small.” #3 in Fairview 1600 West 6th Avenue For Kids B For Adults C+ Design B Atmosphere B Final Score 27.57 Why does such a good park have such a boring name? To make a longContinue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #60-51”

Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #70-61

#70: Emery Barnes Park “For a small City park it sure is well designed.” #8 in Downtown 1170 Richards Street For Kids B For Adults B- Design B Atmosphere C Final Score 27.03 Like many parts of Vancouver’s growth over the last 140 years, the people came to Yaletown before the amenities were fully there. Continue reading “Rating Every Park In Vancouver: #70-61”