#42: Sunset Park

“The dog park here is excellent!!”

#3 in Sunset

404 East 51st Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Sunset is a mid-sized but well-balanced space that understands parks are used for more than just sports or playgrounds in 2020.

Major renovations completed just a few years ago mean there’s ample places to sit across the park — be it large boulders and logs that come together like an amphitheatre, a covered seating area, and a few simple benches. There’s a modern playground, with a disc swing and a delightful rotating bubble kids can jump inside of and be swung around. And there’s a large off-leash dog park, fenced in but with a nice walking path around its perimeter. 

There’s just enough traditional field space for sports, plenty of flowers and interesting bushes, bike and walking paths throughout, and a hilly area and gated playground next to the Sunset Community Centre. And while it’s closed to the public, you can catch enough hints of the large nursery in the middle of the park, which provides the seasonal flowers and plants for the rest of the parks system. 

None of this is groundbreaking stuff. It’s all well executed though, and is the rare inland park south of 41st Avenue in the city that can be said to be a true highlight. 


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