#46: Locarno Park

“Usually less busy than most of the other beaches.”

#4 in West Point Grey

4445 NW Marine Drive

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


A Vancouver koan riddle: where does Spanish Banks end and Locarno begin? And where does Locarno end and Jericho Beach begin? 

Most people would probably give short shrift to the boundaries of Locarno, even though it extends out quite a bit — from Jericho Pier in the east to Tolmie Street to the west, its many beach logs and volleyball courts dotting the sand. 

That’s because aside from being stuck between two more iconic beaches, Locarno Park is also a less integrated area, with a collection of parts that have no real connection to one another. There’s the marvellous beach of course, and the clumping of trees across from the beach, and the baseball field further inland, along with the middling field that functions mostly as an off-leash dog area.

Courtesy Sherwood411/Flickr

Which are all good things to have, but doesn’t answer the question “why would you go to Locarno?”, given Jericho has more to do and Spanish Banks has better sand and a longer tide.

Maybe it’s the fact it’s usually 10-20% less busy but still has those amazing views, or that amplified sound isn’t permitted, adding to the sense of relative quiet.

Maybe it’s that the mini forest gives options if there’s people in your group that want a bit more shade, or the long history of the neighbourhood fighting to keep all the green space around the beach from development.

Whatever the reasons, Locarno has lots of value, even if it ends up being less than the sum of its parts. 

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