#100: Trillium Park

“Most people don’t know it exist. It is with hesitation that I review it for this reason!”

#2 in Strathcona

600 National Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Trillium is the rare park that evolved in spite of community desires: there was pushback against the construction of large turf fields there 15 years ago, locals preferring the laidback underdeveloped feel of the area. 

But one has to assess the change as a success: the neighbourhood now has dedicated sports fields that can be used all year round, and there’s a funky ambiance to the entire park, living as it does in the shadow of the railyards and incoming new St. Paul’s Hospital. 

It means there’s unique downtown views whether you’re playing soccer or enjoying the modern playground — which has a number of slides in its retro-futuristic design theme, all alien green and sleek curved metal. 

One major knock is how removed Trillium feels from everything, and the noise coming from the hospital in the years ahead won’t help the ambiance. It undeniably ticks a lot of boxes though. 

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