#99: Moberly Park

#4 in Sunset

7646 Prince Albert Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


At first glance, Moberley feels like any old Big Field Park in Vancouver with a community centre and washroom. 

Observe closer though, fair child, and treasures await!

Well, maybe not treasures, but a few nice additions that can be the difference between an average and above average park. 

Take the zip line, for instance: a fun addition to any park, but fairly rare compared to the many unloved and mostly empty concrete wading pools in Vancouver. Or the somewhat hidden garden between the community centre and the playground, which has large stalks of corn as part of its crop.

The fields are what they are, but slopes divide the areas well, and there are good southeast facing views. The playground is old, yet has separate areas for young and older children, and there are tennis courts as well. 

It doesn’t mean Moberley is amazing. It does mean the extra effort is appreciated.


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