#101: George Wainborn Park

“It’s a nice park taken over by off leash dogs.”

#10 in Downtown

450 Beach Crescent

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


It’s not that George Wainborn is bad. It’s just a little underdeveloped for what should be a signature waterfront park across from Granville Island.

Another developer-funded green space (with a $5 million budget!) coming from Yaletown’s condo-heavy transformation at the turn of the century, the park is dominated by a few architectural centrepieces. These include a series of iron light posts, a giant water feature at the high point of the park, and a walkway on the perimeter that gives it a distinctive look from above.

And yet, in spite of the impressive design that blends into the surrounding condos quite well, the park leaves us wanting. Perhaps it’s because of the very minimal play area for very young children, or the fact that the promontory lost a lot of magic in pandemic days with the water removed.

But one of the biggest problems is one of focus: it’s technically not a dog park, but many families in the area use it as such, owing to the fact there’s no nearby off-leash area for any dog-owner with an apartment between the Burrard and Cambie bridges. Since the park is 80% wide-open green space, that has become its main function, with the nearby David Lam being more conducive to hangouts or games of sport. 

Still, there’s plenty to like with George Wainborn — it’s hard to go too wrong with a big park right on the water. We can’t help but feel it’s better to be viewed than enjoyed, though.

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