#150: Margaret Pigott Park

“Great view – ocean and mountains. 10/10 bench would sit again.”

#11 in Kitsilano

2743 Point Grey Road

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


More than 10 per cent of Vancouver’s parks are either West End miniparks, Wall Street pocket parks or Point Grey pocket parks, and I promise we are almost through all of them, entertaining as it may be to read once again about a small patch of land with good views and not much else. 

Margaret Pigott Park, named for a longtime park advocate in the city, is one of the best. This is mostly due to the fact the park is larger than most of the pocket parks, taking up the equivalent of two houses, giving more room for people to stretch out or have a nice lunch.

But a large tree right in the middle also gives some pleasant ambiance, as do the six benches providing the sorts of views that help surrounding homes sell for 10 million dollars or more. 

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