#149: Falaise Park

“could be much more but it seems to have been forgotten.”

#12 in Renfrew-Collingwood

3434 Falaise Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


It *feels* like it *should* be a grand park, but Falaise isn’t. No asterisk required. 

In the centre of Vancouver’s Renfrew Heights neighbourhood — built with federal government support for veterans following World War Two — Falaise is essentially three separate parks that delivers the needed green space for the unique non-grid design of the neighbourhood. 

In the east park, there’s a large multi-purpose field and two playgrounds that are fairly satisfactory for kids 5-10. In the south park, there’s a large incline with small trees and two swings at the very end. And in the north side, the heart of the park, there’s a long sloping field, with soccer and baseball fields at the bottom, a small marsh intersecting the two. 

What is even the point of the south side of the park

If this sounds slightly underwhelming, that’s because it is: outside of the nice view from the top of the main park and a few sports leagues, Falaise is more a melange of amenities — with a distinct lack of shade or modern flourishes — than a place to go to, with the long slope that dominates the design massively underused outside the three days of year where snow makes it fantastic for tobogganing. 

While a park is always appreciated is appreciated — especially for the dogs, as nearly all parts of the park are off-leash — the design and lack of modern frills makes it hard to recommend. 

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