#151: Pop-Up Park at 5th and Pine

“I call it Bee Park.”

#8 in Fairview

1696 West 5th Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Sometimes it’s best not to overthink things, as this pop-up park can attest to in a positive way. 

To make a long story short, the Park Board’s long-term plan for this entire park at the edge of Kitsilano is converting it to a full-scale park that essentially doubles as a terminus for the Arbutus Greenway. 

That has taken time and money, only getting through the layers of city bureaucracy for approval in 2021, with no timeline yet for the conversion to a giant park. In the interim, there are two pop-up parks on each side of the block.

This is the more simple of the two, but it’s still a perfectly pleasant place to hang out, with a number of large benches to sit on. Surrounding them is the well-developed theme of a “pollinator park”, with plenty of flowers, plants and murals that promote healthy bee-living. 

It’s fun. Low-key. A good example of how a small plot of concrete can be turned into a decent gathering space, for however long it lasts.

And it really should be formally named “bee park.”  

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