#152: May & Lorne Brown Park

“Quiet place with long table.”

#14 in Downtown

801 Beach Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


In one of the quieter areas of downtown, in that space between the Granville and Burrard bridges — not quite the central business district or Yaletown but not quite the West End, what is that called? Somebody should probably decide? I mean that somebody is probably me but anyway — sits this park, named for a husband and wife who were both park board commissioners. 

The undisputed highlight of the park is a hilariously long table befit for a medieval castle, with marble in the middle and a backing for the chair eight feet high. The slope up to the top of the park intersects with stairs and some trees, giving a subtle design that works well.

Across the street there’s the Long Table Distillery, so named for the table in the park, where you can order boozy slushies to go, and do what you want with them as the intelligent consenting adult you are. 

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