#153: Winona Park

“Just a regular park with grass and a few trees. Nothing special here.”

#7 in Marpole

7575 Columbia Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


This sprawling park just off Cambie and 59th is another example of how large parks in south Vancouver seem to be only half thought out. 

There are three massive fields, each separated by a steep hill that provides clear separating and interesting visuals, along with a field house and washroom on the far east side of the middle field. 

And that’s mostly it. Aside from a small sprinkling of trees, there’s no further amenities, save for a new playground.

The good news is the park board replaced one of the saddest playgrounds in the city, which consisted of a couple swings and a solitary slide. The bad news is that it’s one of the most underwhelming playgrounds Vancouver has built this decade, consisting of a couple smaller slides, a tiny climbing apparatus, and a confusing woodchip area with a play structure that requires sand to operate.

But if you need a lot of space to play a lot of outdoor sports, Winona will suffice. 

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