#117: Volunteer Park

“It is a park made from a property along the waterfront. All of these palaces should have been expropriated 50 years ago.”

#8 in Kitsilano

2855 Point Grey Road

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Volunteer Park is easily the best of the Point Grey Road pocket parks, mostly for the fact that it’s simply the biggest, taking up what would be three or four housing lots instead of one or two. 

It also gently slopes down to the water, with a wide area for spectacular views at the bottom. The grass is well maintained in a sort of “gentle meadow” way, and the trees are varied and tall. And car traffic is completely blocked in front of the park, making it a little quieter than the rest of the miniparks. 

All of this means it’s usually quite packed, and it’s honestly ridiculous that Vancouver has so many of these tiny pocket parks in one neighbourhood. And planned upgrades for the future include the restoration of the creek that once went through here and adjacent Tatlow Park, which will make a good thing even better.

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