#116: Devonshire Park

“Low key park if you wanna chill and not have tons of people around.”

#2 in Shaughnessy

1250 Devonshire Crescent

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


A quiet meadow in the southern part of Shaughnessy, Devonshire is a large field with not much else happening. 

But! That meadow is so peaceful, with so many trees and so much green space, that it’s hard to be too upset. The trees and benches provide plenty of options for meetups, but there’s also enough space in the middle for an informal game of soccer or croquet.

And the demographics of Shaughnessy mean it’s considerably less crowded and more quiet than a number of other parks, should you be explicitly seeking such a thing. 

If you believe such a simple park should be given a lesser score, similar to other parks with minimal amenities, that’s your right. It’s still one of the best in its genre, however.

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