#115: Killarney Park

“A green space but devoid of anything interesting currently. Needs some TLC.”

#4 in Killarney

6205 Kerr Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Killarney has virtually everything a park *needs* — large fields, a playground, an area for dogs — but like a lot of parks that surround community centres, it seems very much to be a situation where amenities were checked off a list one by one to surround the building, rather than creating an interesting exterior that feels connected and cohesive. 

The baseball fields are fairly solid though, and the playground (minimal if fairly modern) has some mosaic art with fun messages for the youths. And the dog area is the largest field in the southeast quarter of the city, which is no doubt appreciated. 

Another example, however, of a community centre with underutilized outdoor potential. 

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