#114: Carleton Park

“The only downfall is that there are no bathrooms currently!”

#9 in Renfrew-Collingwood

3450 Price Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


We prefer small parks that fulfill their potential over large ones that don’t, which is how the sprawling Killarney can be #111 and this quiet unobtrusive park just a few blocks north of Joyce-Collingwood station can be here.

Carleton is a simple park with a slight hill on one side and trees on the other, with a rudimentary field making up the bulk of the area.

There are a couple extra flourishes that make this a fairly good neighbourhood park — a well-paved path gives an easy thoroughfare and some simple definition to the property, and the alley on one side helps to provide a more secluded feel.

And the playground, which is fairly new, is quite good for 5-10 year olds. There’s a climbing apparatus and a couple of slides, a large swing that can fit multiple kids, a sand pit, and plenty of nearby benches for parents to safely watch from. 

None of this is particularly exciting, but all of this is good, given the park’s limited ambitions.

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