#113: Adanac Park

“A lines flagman at a soccer tournament 3/25/2017 struck a wild crow knocking it unconscious. Is violence permitted on your property? Apparently so!”

#9 in Hastings-Sunrise

1025 Boundary Road

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Adanac Park is another one of our neverending “fields+playground+washroom” parks in this fair city, with a couple things that make it somewhat noteworthy. 

One is the very large community garden; the other is the large line of trees on the top of an incline separating the fields, providing more definition while creating a pseudo-secret field on the north end of the park. 

The playground though is fairly straightforward and several decades old, though it does have two separate areas for younger and older kids. The lack of a tennis or basketball court is a little strange as well — and for a park of this size, more than a little disappointing.

The amount of field space is quite helpful though, for what amounts to a slightly better-than-average basic sports park. 

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