#118: Fraserview Golf Course

“Great suburban course.”

#5 in Killarney

7800 Vivian Drive

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Ask people what the best public golf course in the city is, and few will say something other than Fraserview.

Originally built in the 1930s and receiving a substantial upgrade in the 1990s, the course in the southeast corner of the city is defined by the large trees that line virtually every fairway, making each hole self-contained on the property.

There are a few views of Richmond farmland, but otherwise it’s the sort of course with doglegs and ravine crossings and changes in elevation that define the Pacific Northwest style. And the 18th hole, with a dramatic crossing across a gorge to a green in front of the clubhouse, is the stuff of postcards (or nightmares).  

Add in a solid walking trail and holes that are short enough to be playable for just about all skill levels —so long as you drive it straight — and it’s little wonder that it’s next to impossible to find a weekend tee time. 

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