#74: Riverview Park

“The kids love snaking in and out of the low hanging branches.”

#3 in Marpole

1751 West 66th Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


There’s not too much to Riverview: it’s a big sloping park, about two city blocks large, with a playground in one corner and a bunch of trees dotted around the green space. 

What a lovely green space though! It provides excellent views of the sunset, lots of wide open space for frisbee or baseball, and enough trees for exploring, particularly for little ones. A couple of them also offer excellent climbing opportunities, the type that is rare to see in parks these days. And its bordered by three quiet streets and the Arbutus Greenway, giving it a real tranquility.  

The older wooden playground could (say it with me) use an upgrade, but otherwise this is an excellent space for kids to play, and roam, and imagine, even without a lot of gimmicks, and yay to those sorts of parks. 

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