#73: Salsbury Park

“Nice little neighborhood park with great mountain view.”

#5 in Grandview-Woodland

1806 Adanac Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


“Small park on a steep hill” is not necessarily a recipe for success, and yet Salsbury delivers. 

The park is about the size of one mid-sized apartment complex, and consists of a small playground, a large grassy slope, and some grass and benches in between the two of them. 

The playground is quite good for kids 3-6, with a rubber surface, a disc swing and a sandy pit. The benches give a nice view of the mountains, while the slope invites people to lay out on a summer day. 

With a number of excellent restaurants a block away at Commercial and Venables, it’s an ideal hangout spot for people living in the neighbourhood, or those just visiting for some spicy chicken or Thai food.   

It’s a wonderful (if rare) example of how small parks in Vancouver can be excellent multi-use places — all it takes is a decent playground and a modicum of cleverness with the design. 

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