#75: Clinton Park

“just your average Vancouver Park.”

#5 in Hastings-Sunrise

2690 Grant Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


There are 35 parks in the City of Vancouver with a washroom and a big field you can play soccer or baseball on. 

If you close your eyes you can probably imagine one of them pretty easily: there’s a small slope from the street down to the park, with a playground that could probably use an upgrade, maybe a community garden or tennis court sprinkled in, and how much you use it depends on how close it is to your house. 

Of those 35, Clinton is right around the middle, an archetype for the city’s favourite form of park. The major highlights are new accessible washrooms and a few trees and plants dotted around the playground. The lowlights are yet another underused wading pool and a lack of secondary amenities like a basketball court or modern playground. 

It’s still a good park though, with a tremendous amount of space in the middle of the city, one of those things that we take for granted when there’s dozens of other examples to pick from. 

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