#61: Connaught Park

“This park is a great example of a successful, multi-use space.”

#5 in Kitsilano

2390 West 10th Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Connaught is many parks in Vancouver: a big old flat field next to a community centre, with a playground and washroom in between. Hoo. Ray. 

All neighbourhoods in the city have one of these parks, yet Connaught is among the best for a few reasons. One is the old school clubhouse operated by a rugby team, a great meandering building erected in 1925, right at the middle of the park, full of memories and character for generations of Kitsilano residents. 

There are other little additions, like a good walking path that breaks up the sprawling green space, one of the rare cricket pitches in the city, stout oak trees lining the south side of the park, and a new splash pad for kids. 

It may be similar to a lot of large green spaces in the city, but it all adds up to a park that feels well-used, well-loved, and enjoyed for many different reasons. And isn’t that all one can ask for?

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