#60: 6th and Fir Park

“Awesome little playground packed full of equipment that will appeal to kids, big or small.”

#3 in Fairview

1600 West 6th Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Why does such a good park have such a boring name?

To make a long story short, the Park Board’s long-term plan for this entire city block at the edge of Kitsilano is to convert it to a full-scale green space, which will eventually double as a terminus for the Arbutus Greenway. 

That will take time and significant money. In the interim, there are two pop-up parks on each side of the block.

The one on the southeast edge is very good, the type of park that makes you lament that Vancouver doesn’t have more small public spaces with a few benches, a few tables, a playground and some grass.  

That’s really all 6th and Fir Park is, but it’s all very modern and all very inviting. In particular, the community gardens blend into the “main” park area in a much more organic way than most of the more walled-off ones in the city, and the playground has a few unique structures for 3-7 year olds, including a digging area and a small pentagon rope apparatus. 

And while there’s not a lot for adults, there’s ample spots to sit, and the Greenway and a Mobi bike share station is 10 metres away. Plus, Beaucoup Bakery is right across the street, so there’s no risk of going hungry while watching the kids play.  

Though come to think of it, those pastries might be a boon for the kids as well. 

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