#130: Barclay Heritage Square

“A bit like walking back in time.”

#6 in West End

1433 Barclay Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Let’s talk again about heritage buildings, parks, and their intersection.

Barclay Heritage Square came about in 1980s as a compromise between the park board’s desire for a large green space in the West End, and local residents’ desire to save a number of the old mansions that used to characterize the neighbourhood in Vancouver’s early days before the wealthy moved to Shaughnessy and other locales. 

The net effect is this charming collection of public heritage homes, winding walkways, a delightful gazebo and a couple of giant front lawns that double as a public park.

The only thing for children is a single small springy swing, and the green space is pretty much only fit for picnics, so your love for the park will depend a fair bit on how much you enjoy quaint homes from the 1910s. 

As a place to enjoy a quiet afternoon however, it fits the bill.

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