#131: Champlain Heights Park

“Older community center.”

#7 in Killarney

3351 Maquinna Drive

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


From one of the most unique parks in the city to one of the most generic, Champlain Heights is another park surrounding a community centre with a playground and some all-purpose fields. 

The playground is average for 2020; two small slides and a tunnel bridge, on a raised sandbox that makes it less than accessible for all.   

However, a better playground with a fun dragon theme is at the bottom of the field, next to the school annex. The sharp incline down to the field provides a dramatic view of Everett Crowley Park to the south. 

The city has been promising an upgrade to the playground for a while now; that it’s been delayed for more than five years (it was only three the first time we wrote this review!) while more than a dozen parks in other parts of the city have gotten an upgrade might speak to the geographical inequities of Vancouver.

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