#129: General Brock Park

“It’s a lovely park (4 star lovely, not 5 star lovely — gotta be honest).”

#11 in Kensington-Cedar Cottage

2301 Brock Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


A large quiet field with a solid if unspectacular playground (filled with just enough slides and springy swings to keep a small child occupied), General Brock Park was named in 1975 for the War of 1812 hero, continuing Vancouver’s trend of naming things for people that had very little to do with Vancouver. 

The gentle upslope to the street at the edges provides a pleasing image, the bike paths along the side of the park helps for connectivity, and a small ball hockey court is surely welcome in a part of the city where big parks are fairly lacking. 

A very average park, in other words, and in a neighbourhood with so many good parks like Kensington-Cedar Cottage, actually underwhelming.

But it does have just enough subtle flourishes to provide a little extra. 

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