#128: Upper River District Park

#6 in Killarney

3163 East Kent Avenue N

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


The only one of the River District parks* that could be said to be fully formed at this point, this plot of land is essentially an extra long pocket park, extending up several stairs and ramps so that it’s consistently surrounded by townhomes until it reaches the next block. 

But the lot is wide enough that the park never seems cramped, there’s a small but very good playground with a treehouse theme at the top, and there’s even a little rock climbing wall as well. 

It’s the type of smaller park that is becoming more common in Vancouver due to available parcels of land becoming smaller and smaller, and this one will serve the neighbourhood well for some time to come. 

*There are two other parks completed in the River District, but they are private, for the benefit of condo residences, and barred off from the public, such is the age we live in.

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