#124: McBride Park

“It’s an okay park but the exposed location gives it a kind of desolate feel.”

#9 in Kitsilano

3350 West 4th Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


The province gave these two city blocks of land along 4th Avenue to the city for park use in 1911 and it was promptly named for the sitting premier, Richard McBride, which is the sort of power move that would never happen today.

But as a park, it’s nice, though lacking in any real flow, owing mostly to the street that bisects that two parts. One side has tennis courts, washrooms and a playground; the tennis courts taking up 20% too much space to make it an interesting walk. The other side has an all-purpose field for soccer and baseball, with lush grass and tall trees blocking some of the noise from 4th. 

The playground is the real highlight, specifically a spinning climbing apparatus that is fairly unique in the city. We regret that it takes multiple strong adults to create any speed, but (insert 700-word rant here about how playgrounds need more TINY BUT MODERATELY REAL SENSES OF UNPREDICTABILITY). 

Anyhow it’s a good mix of stuff. Even though you can do more with a park, the things it does are good.

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