#123: Earles Park

“my fave local park and it’s hardly ever busy so my little one always gets a swing 😁.”

#10 in Renfrew-Collingwood

2801 East 41st Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Admittedly, Earles is a fairly simple park. 

It’s a large park with a multi-use field on the west side, and a playground on the east side. Between the two is a large hill, which no doubt provides excellent tobogganing 15-30 days every decade.

The playground, with a firetruck theme, is good for 3-6 year olds, and there are a good number of tall trees in the middle slope where people can escape the sun and read a good book. 

If all this sounds fine but not particularly inspiring, you’re correct. It’s a solid neighbourhood park though, one that provides what a community needs, and specifically was the neighbourhood park for one of our rankers when they were growing up.

And if nostalgia tinged our score, doesn’t nostalgia tinge many of our times in a park when we’re older, as we see a hill that reminds us of a snow day and a chance to slide down a hill? 

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