#122: Tea Swamp Park

“Love the name!”

#9 in Mount Pleasant

266 East 15th Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


A small park that opened in 1986, Tea Swamp’s name comes from the wild labrador tea that flourished around the giant bog that used to sit around 17th and Sophia. 

A rudimentary climbing-based playground is on the north side. There’s a lovely sitting area on the south side, full of benches and large rocks and grass.

And there’s a bit of a mini-amphitheatre leading out to the street, providing an interesting integration with the neighbourhood, but the concept is half-baked and the curved back to the stage isn’t actually covered (a continued issue in Vancouver parks). 

That’s about it, and the area is a bit too exposed to traffic to truly be a hidden gem.

Still a cute space in a small area. 

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