#105: Alice Townley Park

“Great little hidden gem in the heart of commercial drive.”

#9 in Grandview-Woodland

1775 Woodland Drive

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


A well-used neighbourhood park in the heart of Grandview-Woodland, Alice Townley has lots of trees and gentle hills for a relatively small space. 

The playground is old but acceptable, with an old-school bendy metal slide that has hundreds of small indents, the type Calvin’s dad would say builds character. 

There’s a good cycling and walking path going through the middle of the park, and plenty of benches and tables that allow all types of people little areas of reprieve. 

None of this is incredible, as the grades would indicate, but it all works. In a small space a number of purposes are achieved for all demographics, all sloping down to a corner facing the mosaic bikeway. 

Well-designed small parks with character are a relatively rare occurrence in the city, and this is a keeper.

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