#106: Fraserview Park

#4 in Victoria-Fraserview

7595 Victoria Drive

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Fraserview is the type of mid-sized park with a playground, field and a walking track surrounding a perimeter that is rarely paid attention to. Situated a half-block off a semi-busy street in southeast Vancouver, it’s not really anyone’s definition of a destination area.    

But in 2011 the park was noticed by the park board, receiving a $700,000 upgrade. That brought new grass, new fitness equipment that loops around the walking trail, and a new playground that includes both a stairs-and-swing structure for smaller kids and a more ambitious climbing structure and swing set on the other side. 

The net effect is a fairly decent park for the time being, particularly for kids, though we note the fitness equipment is already breaking down and the playground equipment is separated by a couple big trees in a way that isn’t great for parents trying to watch multiple young ones at the same time. 

In an area of the city with very minimal amenities though, it will certainly do.

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