#71: Victoria Park

“Um, the locals call it Bocce Park. It’s where old dudes play Bocce mostly.”

#4 in Grandview-Woodland

1425 Victoria Drive

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


A big flat park in a medium-density east side neighbourhood, Victoria is essentially the Dude Chilling Park of Grandview-Woodland. 

That means a few things: first, that there’s lots of dudes chilling, often with a beer in hand, many of them setting up shop near the long bocce court on the east end of the park. Second, there’s lots of dogs using the small patchy field, and your tolerance for both activities will vary depending on your age and predilections.

The reasons why Dude Chilling is the 85th best park while Victoria is the 69th, despite having far less notoriety, are pretty simple though. 

First, Victoria has a newish playground playground, the type with a fun triangle-shaped climbing apparatus and multiple play structures for different ages.

The trees around Victoria Park have grown a lot since it was created in the 1910s, but the bocce court remains pretty much the same (Courtesy Vancouver Archives).

Second, Victoria has real washrooms, not just a portapotty. We need not describe any further why this matters.

And third, the park as a whole feels a little more cohesive than Dude Chilling, given that it’s a tight square surrounded by trees and homes on all sides.

All told, it’s a fine example of a neighbourhood park — providing you don’t mind open dogs or open beer — even with a relative lack of publicity. 

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