#68: Robson Park

“Great park to grab a coffee and play with your kids at.”

#6 in Mount Pleasant

599 Kingsway

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Few people are going to rave about Robson Park, but the 111-year-old park has pretty much everything one needs. 

There are tennis and basketball courts, a community garden, and a wading pool. A playground, a field house with a washroom, and serviceable field space. Paths going through for cyclists and pedestrians, and trees to sit under.

There aren’t too many parks in the city with that combination (less than 10, by our count), and it’s that variety of activities — in addition to its close proximity to a lot of great restaurants right at Fraser and Kingsway — that makes Robson a solid place to visit.

Built in 1909, Robson Park is one of the oldest in the City of Vancouver (Courtesy Vancouver Archives).

The main reason it doesn’t score higher is a general sense of lack of modern touches — everything outside the community garden looks a little tired, and while the playground is pretty new it’s also small and limited if you’re over six.    

Difficult to mess up a big park with plenty to do however, and Robson provides what it needs to. 

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