#67: Coopers’ Park

“A surprisingly attractive piece of green space which allows for great views of this Vancouver skyline.”

#7 in Downtown

1020 Marinaside Crescent

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


You probably know it more as “that quirky park under Cambie Street Bridge”, but Coopers’ — named for the barrel-making industry that flourished in this area in early Vancouver — has more than just a fun backstory. 

There’s the basketball court right under the bridge, which is objectively super cool. The multiple playground areas (one for toddlers, one for slightly older kids) that are both perfectly acceptable. And the large, sorely-needed area for dogs to roam freely, complete with a pair of adorable dog-shaped water fountains. 

And did we mention the seawall? Because having a park right next to the iconic seawall is pretty neat too. 

There’s also a few pieces of art (including something that looks like an alien pod coming out of the water), and a few nods to the history of the area. That being said, the entire feel is somewhat cramped and more of a mismash of good things than a true park, and the giant cluster of awkwardly cramped benches to one side is a sign the design could have been better. 

Having said that, it’s quite satisfactory for a thin piece of grass between the seawall and condos. 

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