#65: Templeton Park

“New playground is amazing.”

#3 in Grandview-Woodland

700 Templeton Drive

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Let’s get the sophomoric humour out of the way: the sign here used to read “Templeton Park and Pool”, until one too many children (physically or spiritually) drew over the “l” in pool, leaving us with, well, you know. Which is why the Park Board likely changed it.

Strip that away (stop laughing!) and you’re left with a couple of nice fields surrounding a pool, with a playground and a running track on the north side. 

The running track is quite nice though, and the outside of the building with the pool has dozens of murals by children that bring ample charm. 

And the very new playground is quite good: woodchips and rubber on the ground, a number of different slides and things for small children to worm their way through. 

It all creates a nicely balanced park, one that doesn’t try to be too much, but is always well populated for a reason. 

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