#64: Sunrise Park

“This park is a hidden gem, I almost don’t want to review it to keep it a local secret.”

#4 in Hastings-Sunrise

1950 Windermere Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Some parks you look at and wonder where they got their name. Sunrise offers no such surprises.

Perched at the edge of a hill that sharply descends down to Burnaby, Sunrise offers stunning views of everything to the east, be it the sun, Brentwood, Burnaby Mountain and much more. The elevated nature of the park also means it’s quiet: even though busy Rupert Street is on the east edge, the hill and tree cover give it a removed feel.

Other than the wonderful atmosphere, Sunrise is a standard large field park: washrooms, a wading pool, and a pair of older playground structures are all here. 

One drawback of the park is a decent amount is less usable due to being on a fairly steep slope; but that’s mitigated by its use as an off-leash dog area, making good space of what would otherwise be inefficient land. 

Little wonder then that the park is generally full of families — or young couples with dogs — with a large mix of activities at all times. 

A good view goes a long way, but so does a well thought out design that’s great for the neighbourhood.

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