#39: Jonathan Rogers Park

“Lovely views. Nice for a cheeky park beer!”

#4 in Mount Pleasant

110 West 7th Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Say you enjoyed beer and lived in Mt. Pleasant, and say you enjoyed a relaxing afternoon at Jonathan Rogers Park.

But then I repeat myself. 

While it’s Dude Chilling Park that has the reputation for urbanite Mt. Pleasant Millennials gatherings for a couple cold beverages, it’s really Jonathan Rogers where the action happens. 

In theory, the giant grass field can be used for games of sports, but the reality in the summer is it’s dotted by dozens of small groups of people between 20-40 in age, enjoying some food and drink, maybe with a few dogs roaming around, maybe with a few families using the spartan playground on the east side.

The park is high enough up Mount Pleasant that you can get a partial view of downtown and the mountains, but it also gets plenty of sun. The steep slope down from the street gives a sense of grandeur to the park, but also provides additional flexibility for where people choose to chill. The nearby presence of Milano Coffee and 33 Acres Brewery is a definite plus, the regular presence of a food truck with the best hamburgers in Vancouver is a big benefit, and it goes without saying that the washrooms are both helpful and essential, given the clientele. 

There’s also a community garden and a wading pool, and, you know, they’re nice too. 

That’s not who the park really serves though — it’s for the community of young adults who like to have an evening hanging out with a group of friends, maybe having a couple beverages, and departing at a reasonable hour. 

For most of 2020, that was pretty impossible to do inside somebody’s home, if you were a responsible adult abiding by the local guidelines of a global pandemic. 

As a result, Jonathan Rogers became a periodic gathering place for a heck of a lot of people in the area who didn’t have backyards, or families, or ways to see friends inside safely.

The park was often packed. The vibe was often happy. The cheers at 7pm were often loud. 

Jonathan Rogers is, and was, a public space that made people’s lives a little less stressful. And at the end of the day, isn’t that what a great park is about?

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