#38: George Park

“Always a little awkward being here though because it has the same name as my ex girlfriend’s son.”

#2 in Sunset

500 East 63rd Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


George Park isn’t going to wow anybody on first impression — but it’s quietly one of the best small inland parks in the city. 

Truth be told, it’s pretty straightforward: the west side is a basic sports field, nothing more, and the east side has a solid playground, a covered picnic area and some rolling hills. 

That covered picnic is weirdly rare to find in Vancouver, and worth big bonus points just for that. The playground is starting to get into middle age, but is quite extensive and will keep most kids 6-10 entertained for a good half hour. 

And those rolling, mogul like hills in the back are a treat, protected by trees and creating a secret garden ambiance (the trees bordering the entire park also contribute to the feeling as well).

All of these are reasons why George is a great, well thought out park. 

Another reason is that after a warm summer evening where we relaxed after a few hours of park exploration, two of the people in this project told us they were expecting their first child together. 

A reminder that the parks we remember fondly often have little to do with design, and a lot to do with the people we share them with.

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