#81: Rupert Park

“Golf ball almost hit my head.”

#6 in Hastings-Sunrise

1600 Rupert Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


How much you enjoy Rupert Park probably depends a decent amount on how much you enjoy pitch and putt golf. 

Vancouver has three such courses (the other two are in Queen Elizabeth and Stanley Park), where every hole can be played with three clubs at most, and a round can be enjoyed for less than $20 in around two hours. 

And of the three pitch and putt courses in Vancouver parks, Rupert is the best: a nice mix of straight forward shots for beginners, and tricky hits over water and through narrow tree openings to tiny greens, with slopes on the edges of most of them that repel mediocre shots away. Add in the fact that it’s not nearly as crowded as Queen E or Stanley, and it’s an excellent value. 

The rest of the park is fine. There’s a baseball diamond, a few tennis courts, a pretty good playground with plenty of slides and ways for kids to scurry up and down depending on their age, and a walking trail. 

For a big park designed in the 1970s to give a large green space for the city’s northeast section, it’s fairly pedestrian and somewhat underused outside the golf course — the creepy tunnel connecting the park to the abandoned parking the only real quirk, for better or worse. 

Come with a nine-iron and a sense of patience for a good walk spoiled, and Rupert is a solid par, perhaps even a birdie. 

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