#80: Kingcrest Park

“It’s never really full which is perfect.”

#8 in Kensington-Cedar Cottage

4150 Knight Street

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


There are three distinct elements to Kingcrest Park: a quiet sloping green space and community garden ideal for quiet hangouts, a playground intended for smaller children, and a big old sports area with a basketball court and large field. 

All of these elements do the job they need to at an adequate-to-good level: the sloping grassy area is far away from any busy street, the field is in good condition, and the playground has a unique pink/green/yellow colour scheme and just enough variety of play equipment. 

(There’s also, right in the middle of it, a very strange springy swing with a “Desert Command” army car theme, for reasons that still confuse me, but let’s move on.)

Even though there’s nothing exciting about Kingcrest — it’s the last park with no grades of B or better — it’s all done well, and with the King Edward/Knight/Kingsway triangle right across the street, it’s a convenient community hub, even if the noise on Knight does grate a bit. 

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