#78: Chaldecott Park

“Very green expanse. Water park. What’s not to like?”

#3 in Dunbar-Southlands

4175 Wallace Street

For Kids


For Adults






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There’s more to Chaldecott than its origin story, but it is the most unique thing about it, so let’s start there.

According to the city’s first archivist, Major Matthews, there was a prominent early landowner in Vancouver by the name of F.M. Chladecott. He had fallen behind in paying taxes, so in exchange for the city getting off his back, he agreed to give up 12 acres of his holdings, which the municipality then set aside for a park. 

From those very Vancouver beginnings, Chaldecott has evolved into a very enjoyable west side green space, with a good baseball field and small wooded area. 

Most importantly, it’s a very good space for kids, with a neat old-school playground, and a pretty solid spray park — in general the best spray parks, much like the best playgrounds, are found in the municipalities surrounding Vancouver, but that’s another story — and washrooms as well. 

It’s a lot of nice stuff in a mid-sized space, punctuated by a nice view from the high point of the park on the northeast corner, as we inch closer to the truly great parks in the city. 

Even if it is named for a real estate holder who failed to pay his taxes on time.

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