#77: Oak Meadows Park

“Love this park, especially when the grass is long and extra meadowy.”

#2 in South Cambie

899 West 37th Avenue

For Kids


For Adults






Final Score


Completed in just 2009, Oak Meadows is a bit of a secret, owing to the fact that it’s jammed between a secondary school, Oak Street, and a pair of large land holdings under transition. 

And part of the reason the park is a bit of a secret is likely due to its half-formed feel: there’s a soccer field in the middle, a jogging trail around it, a tiny playground for younger children hidden among some bushes. And the heart is a large unkempt area that isn’t quite a forest or a meadow, where dogs can run free. 

This doesn’t necessarily sound like huge praise, but it is: Oak Meadows is unlike a lot of parks in the city, with a way less formal and designed feel, and is separated out enough that it’s a great place for many groups to hang out. 

There’s a number of secondhand chairs placed in a semi-circle among some trees, and last we checked there’s an insect hotel made from an old phone booth, part of a huge pollinator garden within the park. 

With a large development coming in at the old transit site to the south and the Heather Lands set to be redeveloped to the east, more people will soon discover the quirky charms of Oak Meadows. We hope they find it as neat as we did.

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